Sample Data Format
 Company-wise Income and Expenditure from Inland Water Transport Operations in India
(As on 31st March, 1993 to 1995) 
 (Rs. in Lakh) 
 Companies  Years  Income from   Expenditure on 
 Goods Trans-
ger Trans-
 Total  Taxes Fees  Salaries & Wages Paid  Fuel & Lubric-
ants Etc. 
tenance of Vessels 
 Interest Paid on Capital  Depre-
 Other Expendi-
 M/s V.M. Salgaocar & Bros. Ltd., Goa                         
 M/s Salgaocar Industrial Gases Pvt. Ltd., Goa                         
 M/s Shivanand V. Salgaocar, Goa                         
 M/s Dattaraj V. Salgaocar, Goa                         
 M/s V.S. Dembo & Co. Ltd., Goa                         
 M/s United Shippers Ltd., Goa                         
 M/s Chowgule & Co. Ltd., Bombay                         
 M/s Hoogly Nodi Jalabath Paribahan Samabay Samiti Ltd. Calcutta                         
 M/s KSRTC. Trivandrum                         
 The West Bengal Shipping Service Calcutta                         
 Indo-Swiss Trading Co. Calcutta                         
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