Sample Data Format
 Inward and Outward Consignments of Commodities by Rail/River in Rajasthan
(As on 31st March, 2008, 2009 and 2012 to 2014) 
 Rice in the Husk                               
 Rice not in the Husk                               
 Gram & Gram Products                               
 Pulses Other than Gram
and Gram Products 
 Wheat Flour                               
 Jowar and Bajra                               
 Maize and Millets                               
 Other Sorts of Grain                               
 Oil Seed-Cotton                               
 Oil Seed (Other
than Cotton) 
 Raw Cotton-Pressed (+)                               
 Raw Cotton-Loose (+)                               
 Fruits and Vegetables
 Oil Cakes                               
 Other Fodder and Husk                               
 Animals-Live Stock#                               
 Hides and Skins                               
 Coal and Coke                               
 Marble and Marble Stone                               
 Lime and Lime Stone                               
 Manganese Ore                               
 Iron Ore                               
 Other Ores                               
 Mineral Oils
(Excld. Kerosene) 
 Other Minerals                               
 Teak wood                               
 Other Timber                               
 Lac and Shellac                               
 Bidi Leaves                               
 Gur Jaggery and
Gur Shakkar 
 Groundnut Oil                               
 Mustard Oil                               
 Coconut Oil                               
 Castor Oil                               
 Other Edible Oil                               
 Cotton Manufactured and
Other Piece Goods 
 Gunny Bags and Cloth                               
 Other Jute Manufactures                               
 Leather and Leather
 Rubber Products                               
 Piece Goods
(Woolen and Silk) 
 Coir Products                               
 Cement Manufactures                               
 Iron and Steel                               
 Machinery and
Transport Equipments 
 Glass Manufactured                               
 Metal and Metal Products                               
 Electrical Goods                               
 Machinery and
Machine Tools 
 Other Metal                               
 Paints and Varnishes                               
 Caustic Potash and Soda                               
 Colour and Dyes                               
 Acid and Chemicals                               
 Fertiliser and
Organic Manure 
 Other Chemicals                               
 Dairy Products                               
 Fruits Dried                               
 Wool Raw                               
 Hemp-other than Cotton                               
 Rubber Raw                               
 Shoes (As Footwear)                               
 Other Commodities                               
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