Sample Data Format
 Inward and Outward Consignments of Commodities by Rail and River in Rajasthan
(2005 to 2007) 
 Commodity/ Articles  Ended March 2005   Ended March 2006   Ended March 2007 
 Inward  Outward  Net Inward (+) Outward (-)  Inward  Outward  Net Inward (+) Outward (-)  Inward  Outward  Net Inward (+) Outward (-) 
 Rice in the Husk                   
 Rice Not in the Husk                   
 Gram & Gram Products                   
 Pulses Other than Gram & Gram Products                   
 Wheat Flour                   
 Jowar and Bajra                   
 Maize & Millets                   
 Other Sorts of Grain                   
 Oil Seed-Cotton                   
 Oil Seed (Other than Cotton)                   
 Raw Cotton - Pressed (+)                   
 Raw Cotton - Loose (+)                   
 Jute - Raw                   
 Fruits & Vegetables-Fresh                   
 Sugar Cane                   
 Oil Cakes                   
 Tobacco -Raw (Un-Manufactured)                   
 Animals -Live Stock (@)                   
 Hides & Skins                   
 Coal & Cake                   
 Marble & Marble Stone                   
 Lime & Lime Stone                   
 Manganese Ore                   
 Iron Ore                   
 Other Ares                   
 Mineral Oils (Excld. Kerosene)                   
 Teak Wood                   
 Other Timber                   
 Lac & Shellac                   
 Bidi Leaves                   
 Gur Jaggery & Gur Shakkar                   
 Tobacco Manufactured                   
 Groundnut Oil                   
 Mustard Oil                   
 Coconut Oil                   
 Castor Oil                   
 Other Edible Oil                   
 Cotton Manufactured & Other Piece Goods                   
 Gunny Bags & Cloth                   
 Other Jute Manufactures                   
 Leather & Leather Products                   
 Rubber Products                   
 Piece Goods (Woolen & Silk)                   
 Coir Products                   
 Cement Manufactures                   
 Iron & Steel                   
 Machinery & Transport Equipments                   
 Glass Manufactures                   
 Metal and Metal Products                   
 Electrical Goods                   
 Paints & Varnishes                   
 Colour & Dyes                   
 Acid Chemicals                   
 Fertilizer and Organic Manure                   
 Dairy Products                   
 Fruits Dried                   
 Wool Raw                   
 Hemp-Other than Cotton                   
 Rubber Raw                   
 Shoes (As Footwear)                   
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